The elements are tough on structures.  Some have weathered them for hundreds of years but virtually akll of them require maintenance.  We encourage you to support Project Gurnet and Bug Lights through your charitable donation or by renting the former Coast Guard station house.  To rent the house click HERE.

Learn about these historic structures and what you can do to help preserve them on the PRESERVATION page.

Plymouth or Gurnet Light, Bug Light, Fort Standish, Fort Andrew, the United States Lifesaving Station, and the Schoolhouse are among the historic structures on Gurnet and Saquish.  Some residents have taken pains to preserve these structures wherever possible but the elements are harsh on them.  The Gurnet Saquish .com Preservation page is designed to educate residents, families and friends about these structures and the group(s) that are most important to preserving them.   Wherever and whenever possible please volunteer and give to the non profit group(s) that preserve these iconic structures and historic landmarks.  Find out more about the preservation of historic structures and protecting the community when you visit the other PROTECT pages and thank you for visiting us online and helping "Connect to Protect."

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