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September 1, 2012

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A small fire was reported along the beach and extinguished by residents without further consequences.  Reports are that blow up water toys inside or around a generator shed ignited the blaze which spread from the shed to other structure.  According to reports the quick work of residents prevented catastrophic loss.  Learn more about fire prevention and owning your own beach fire station on the FIRE page. 

Hurricane season is upon us and its important to visit the Hurricane page to make sure that you know what to do in the event of an emergency.  Preparedness guides from the American Red Cross and the National Weather Service along with satellite tracking and live updates keep you notified in the event of a major storm.  Find all this information and more on the STORM CENTER page.

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After digesting all the content available inside from the page descriptions on the HOME page, first time visitors to are encouraged to visit the CONNECT page.  The CONNECT page is the parent page for the FORUM, NEWSLETTER, GUEST BOOK, SURVEYS and SURVEY RESULTS  Share your opinions, keep up with community news, sign the Guest Book and respond to the SURVEYS.  You can also submit your personal history for inclusion on the HISTORY page as well as view other websites created by residents and relatives of Gurnet and Saquish.  Find it all on the CONNECT page


If you are a resident, relative, former resident or invited guest of Gurnet and Saquish you can create a personal history IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  Select the link above to add your story and any images, music or video you own.  View current submissions on the CONNECT page.  Your story is the story of Gurnet and Saquish.

IN MY OWN WORDS - Dorothy Oram Cohn

"My knowledge of the Gurnet schoolhouse does not go back any further than when my grandfather, Archibald William Oram owned it.  I don't know whom he purchased it from only that he told me it had once been a schoolhouse.  The Gurnet (property) was in the family when my father was a young boy as you can see in picture #4 with his brother Kermit.  My Dad was born in June of 1907 so this picture would have been taken around 1917-1920.  They would sometimes drive down in a buggy drawn by "Brownie" the horse."  READ MORE

- Photos courtesy of Dorothy Cohn.  Select the photo to view the slide show


 IN MY OWN WORDS -Suzie Growe, AKA, Suellen McCarthy

"My father, Pat (PAUL McCarthy)known then as 'the Lord Mayor of Saquish' was responsible for starting the folks who built on the far end of Saquish toward the head.  We took my daughter and granddaughter  back this summer and stayed with Danny and Marion to meet the families of the eary folks.  I have photos and many memories.  I have often thought it would be good to get a book published with stories, songs and photos from different folks that traveled the land to reach Heaven on Earth.  My crowd was Billy Bennett, Al Marcotte, Joyce Greenhath, Carol Martin, the Devir kids, Bobbie Depisa...etc."

- Photo of "the Lord Mayor" in 1958 courtesy of Paul Christian.  Click on the image to view the slide show.


IN MY OWN WORDS - Bob Shanklin

Bob and Sandra Shanklin are lighthouse enthusiasts with their own lighthouse website.  They have actually photographed every lighthouse in the U.S.  In the Spring of 1990 Bob and Sandra stayed in the "Keeper's Cottage" overnight.  Bob shares this account of one night in the Keepers Cottage:

"It  was early spring, maybe May 1990 and we were sleeping in the southeastern corner of the house.  It was quite interesting to me.  I woke up in bed and I had never been in a room with a light like that and it was kind of interesting the way the light would swing around and fill up the room with light and then fade and then light up again.  And I was sitting up and looking at that and I turned to Sandra and that's when . . " READ MORE

- Photo of Bob courtesy of the Shanklins


IN MY OWN WORDS - Brenda Sabin

"My parents rented the Cahill cottage on Gurnet Point in August 1950 with option to buy. My parents were close friends of Leon and Ethel Cushman, Leon\'s uncle being Frank Davis who was once lighthouse keeper.  My father fell in love with the Gurnet immediately. We of course bought it. My memories are numerous both good and bad.  I acquired friends, growing up with   Richard Booniser, Kathy Cahill, Bill Bennett, Fred Holmes and Ken Graham.  We watched the Mayflower II come in from England on June of 1957, waving and sending up baloons. We had Gurnet cook-outs on the front beach with Bill and Daisy Jacobs, the Cushmans, Miss Bessie DesLearner, the Davis family, Ms. Ames, the Coast Guard, the Grahams, the Ruphrects, the Barnes family, the Edie family and most all of the Gurnet families on Saturday nights. Each family would contribute to the cookouts. My father\'s life ended   in July of 1974 after our cottage burned to the ground in March of that year,  but my life continued there to bring up my children Ray, Larry and Michele Abreu when the Anderson\'s on the east side of the Gurnet sold their little cottage to us in 1975 which was once owned by the government, and stood between the Keeper\'s house and the lighthouse. We still hang on to it after years of erosion now that my son Ray owns the cottage and has put in a sea wall. He has done this mostly for me and I am very appreciative of him and love him very much. I am greatful for the friends I had, my children had, and all they learned from being at the Gurnet, especially from the Richards boys and the Moore family who knew so much about boats and the ocean."

- Photos courtesy of Brenda Sabin and Abreu Sabin gallery.  Click on the image to view the slide show.


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