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"90's Country"
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Some music on this site provided by Javid and Naoko.  To play or stop music on select pages look for MEDIA PLAYERS like the one below and click on the PLAY/PAUSE icons.  Use of media by permission all rights reserved

"Saquish"  - Bob Deighton


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Press this button to create your own custom music channel or broadcast your own station when you select the Live 365 option by clicking on the banner above.  Don't have your favorite music?  Let us know and we'll put it together for you.

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner (pronounced Vogner) all found here.  Find the perfect companion to a quiet afternoon or evening alone at the cottage when you tune into the CLASSICAL CHANNEL

STP, Pumpkins, Everclear.  No I'm not talking about really fast vegetables that could clear up acne.  It's the Modern Rock CHANNEL and it tastes really good when served with Pearl Jam.

This is the Swingin' Pop Standards Channel featuring the big band sounds of Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra and others as well as mor contemporary performers singing classics like "It Had to Be You" and others.  Select this button and begin enjoying this music now.

Got the Billy Ray Virus?  We can't help you but you can get your fix here when you select the COUNTRY CHANNEL.

Before Eminem, Luda and Snoop there was "The King of Pop", Marvin, and "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business".  Make sure the kids aren't around to see you dance to upbeat tunes from Kool and the Gang and slow jams from Luther Vandross here on the R&B CHANNEL.

Not as good a fight as the "Blues" you're thinking of perhaps but hey look on the bright side.  All you have to do is select this button.  No cleaning, no scaling and no fishy after smell!  Get the Blues now when you select this channel.

Oh no you di'int.  Fashizzle, ma nizzle, gurshizzle.  I have no idea what I'm talking about but this channel isn't for me.  It's for you, or not.  ;)
Looking for old school R n B?  Scroll down and select the R&B CHANNEL.

This is a direct link to the Media Center.  Select this button for live and recent Red Sox broadcasts featuring the official Boston Red Sox Broadcast Team.

In the '80's the music at the bonfire was classic rock.  The Doors, The Rolling Stones, BTO, Mellencamp, Springsteen, Bob Seger, Blue Oyster Cult.  They're all here waiting for you to stoke the fire and select this button.

Enjoy all of the holiday music you could possibly want.  Old standards, jazz, pop, rock, alternative and of course traditional holiday selections when you select the Holiday Music Channel.  Lot's of choices and now you can even customize your favorites.  Select this button and begin enjoying the Holiday Music Channels.
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