The Gurnet Saquish Survey is designed to educate us all about the opinions of the the residents, friends and families of Gurnet and Saquish.  The survey submissions are anonymous.  Select the button below right to view the results.

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gurnet saquish poll 

Welcome to the Gurnet Saquish Survey page.  This is the community survey page where we post surveys for residents, families and friends of Gurnet-Saquish including Gurnet Point, Saquish Neck, Saquish Head and Western Point.  You can take the most recent survey by selecting answers and adding your comments below and you can view survey results as you scroll down the page.  Survey respondents are anonymous but we do ask that you answer honestly.  The results of current and past surveys are posted below the current surveys.  Once you've completed a survey and submitted your answers you'll be directed to the Forum.  To exit the forum simply close the window.  Thanks for connecting and weighing in.  Your opinion is important to us.  

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