Select this button to view current operating status including power output from the Pilgrim Station in Plymouth.
The plant is in region one on this page provided by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc. preservation projects include geological studies which measure beach movement.  They've also funded a three year study to identify the beach's vegetation, animals and invasive species.  Dune nourishment and a recently installed cobble berm along the Duxbury Bay side of the beach are among their ongoing and recent projectsLearn more about the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc. when you select the button at left.  Buy the Duxbury Beach Book when you select the button on the right.  All proceeds go directly to the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc. 

Pilgrim Hall Museum is America's oldest museum and maintains some outstanding Gurnet-Saquish History.  We've reprinted some of it by permission on the History page.  Learn more about the museum and support their worthy cause by selecting the button at left.  Select the button below to view a map to the museum.


The PROTECT page is the main page for four sub pages; FIRE SAFETYCONSERVATION, HISTORY, PRESERVATION and WILDLIFE.  These pages are linked through buttons below or from the navigation bar above.  The purpose of the PROTECT pages is to educate residents, families and friends about the the dangers of fire, the conservation of this unique environment, the history of Gurnet and Saquish, the preservation of the land and historic buildings and the protection of wildlife that are so important to the ecosystem and the character of this special place.  Additionally, certain videos are featured which focus on important environmental issues that relate to the community in general and responsible living overall.

A live link to the status of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is provided below.  The plant's operating capacity is monitored by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Important non profit groups help sustain the community and they are also listed on these pages.

Few things scare owners more than fire.  Now with advancements in technology, costs for equipment going down and basic fire preparedness education we can provide you with important information on how to protect your home and your possessions in the event of a fire.  Select the link to go to the FIRE SAFETY page.


The CONSERVATION page is a sub page from the PROTECT page and one of the most important pages on  There are a number of critically important local non profit groups that play a critical role in the preservation of marine wetlands and coastal dune areas.  These groups include the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., the Jones River Landing Environmental Heritage Center, MassacSavehusetts Audubon Society and the New England Acquarium.  Other groups concerned about the safety of the Pilgrim nuclear power station and it's impact on the environment include Pilgrim Watch and The Pilgrim Coalition.

Learn about these groups, support their efforts, and watch important environmental videos on the CONSERVATION page.


Thanks to the diligent efforts of a few past and present residents a
substantial amount of Gurnet and Saquish history has been preserved. wishes to thank the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., Elaine Nudd, Norman Forgit, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Project Gurnet and Bug Light, Denise Garvin and the Duxbury Free Library, the Duxbury Clipper and all of the families that have donated and continue to donate historic documents, pictures, audio and video to preserve the history of Gurnet and Saquish. 

Now for the first time ever this history is available in one place online.  Documents and images that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries and historic accounts include a record of the first sale in 1651.  See them all and even enjoy period music when you select this image featuring "Star" & "Bright" pulling summer visitors down the beach past Plum Hills. If you are in possession of historic documents that we can preserve for future generations please select the SUBMIT button to forward your contributions and your permission to grant us the rights to publish that information online. 

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The elements are tough on structures.  Some have weathered them for hundreds of years but virtually akll of them require maintenance.  We encourage you to support Project Gurnet and Bug Lights through your charitable donation or by renting the former Coast Guard station house.  To rent the house click HERE.

Learn about these historic structures and what you can do to help preserve them on the PRESERVATION page.


The Gurnet Saquish Wildlife page is dedicated to the preservation of indigenous species and the monitoring of visiting species.  Gurnet Saquish is a migratory stop for a number of species of marine life and birds.  Rick Bowes is a local birder and an amateur photographer with a tremendous collection of images that capture these creatures in their element.  His reports and many of his images are on this page and throughout the website.  Thank you Rick. 

There are also important local non profits that monitor marine life and the ecosystems that inhabit the wetlands and coastal dunes that make up the Gurnet and Saquish community.


The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, MEMA, "is the state agency with primary responsibility for ensuring the state's resilience to disasters."  This is the department that will provide certain non-profit organizations for the costs necessary of emergency work to save lives and protect property as the result of a storm.   Select this button to visit their web site, view hurricane information and preparedness tips and follow their alerts on Twitter.


The Massachusetts Bureau of Environmental Health measures bacteria near Gurnet Point once weekly.  Check their weekly report HERE.


Gurnet-Saquish properties are placed on four flood zone maps.  They are:
For Gurnet # 2502780038e
For Saquish Beach #22502780019e, #250278001e
For Saquish Head # 2502780082e

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, is updating flood plain maps and putting them online.  Select the button at left to visit the FEMA website and view flood maps.  The updated FEMA flood maps for Gurnet and Saquish have not been completed as of 06-11-2012.  Keep updated on the maps when you visit the FEMA website
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